We are dedicated to providing your loved one with the safest possible environment during these challenging times so if you have any concerns please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. It’s only natural that you would have questions about what the best course of action is so we hope this will provide useful information.

If your elderly loved one resides in a senior living community, it is important to respect the rules the facility has put in place to protect its residents. Long-term care facilities are dedicated to making the best care decisions possible during these unprecedented circumstances. Restricting visitors shields residents, while also protecting the general public from any viral danger.

Removing a senior from a senior living facility is not a guarantee for preventing the spread of infection and brings a whole new set of complications. Moving a senior, especially one with cognitive impairment can be very unsettling and, in some cases, may lead to further cognitive and behavioral decline. An in-home care plan must be in place to provide the level of care necessary to maintain the safety and health of an elderly loved one. If you are unable to provide the proper level of care at home, seniors are safer staying in their long-term care facilities. Stay involved in the care of your loved one by maintaining communication with the facility to respectfully express your concerns and inquire about measures the facility is taking to protect its residents while following your elder’s care plan.